Has your dog been licking its paw constantly lately? Many pet owners sometimes become frustrated by the non-stop paw-licking and want to help their dogs overcome this condition. Although sometimes it can be hard to pinpoint why your pup is licking its paws so often, here are three of the most common reasons why.

#1: Your dog is in pain

Animals lick to clean and soothe their wounds, and your dog may be suffering from a foot sprain, torn nail, or paw-pad cut that requires the healing power of constant licking. However, constant licking because of arthritis pain in the wrist or hock can create a lick granuloma, which can become infected if not allowed to heal. In some cases, your pet will continue to lick at the spot long after the injury has healed, turning the licking into a behavior issue.

#2: Your dog has a behavior disorder

Boredom, anxiety, and stress can cause your pup to lick its paws obsessively. They may have a favorite paw but will often lick at both front paws and sometimes their back feet for entertainment or to help them relax. Paw licking associated with anxiety is typically seen at night when the family is unwinding for the day. You’ll sometimes even notice your nervous pooch licking their paws while you watch TV or read in bed.

#3: Your dog has allergies

Environmental allergies frequently affect dogs, and one of the most common signs is itchy, inflamed skin, especially in the ears and on the paws. Dogs with allergies to molds and pollens routinely lick their paws after a stroll in the grass, particularly in the spring and summer. Remove the allergens from your pet’s paws with unscented baby wipes or waterless shampoo, or make a tea bath from a plain Lipton tea bag whose tannins will draw out the inflammation and allergens.

Ready to get to the bottom of the case of your pup’s itchy paws? If you think your pet may have an underlying condition, medical attention is necessary. Find your nearest Bark Avenue Hospital location and schedule an appointment.


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