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Bark Avenue Pet Resort’s caring staff aim to provide your pet with a stress-free boarding experience, customized to their individual needs. All stays come with two twenty minute potty breaks per day. After four nights, your pet will receive a complimentary departure bath before they head home to you. Additional playtime and grooming options are available for your best fur-end!

Dog Boarding

Boarding at Bark Avenue Pet Resort is designed with your pet in mind! Our facility is comfortably climate controlled, spacious, clean, and entertaining for your pet with both indoor and outdoor play areas. We provide boarding options for all sizes, breeds, and personalities!

Choose from our various dog boarding options that fit your pet best. Our standard rooms are offered in three convenient sizes and are able to accommodate the smallest teacup Yorkie to a family of Labradors. Choose from Small, Medium, and Large or luxury suites. No matter what option you go with, we are confident your pet will enjoy their time here!

Standard Boarding

This includes two 20-30 minute potty breaks, once in the morning and once in the afternoon.

Large (4 x 8): $58/day
Additional Pet: $52/day

Medium (4 x 6): $52/day
Additional Pet: $45/day

Small (4 x 4): $46/day
Additional Pet: $42/day

Luxury Suite Boarding

These semi-private suites are perfect for the dog who deserves a little extra pampering or simply prefers peace and quiet. This includes two 20-30 minute potty breaks, once in the morning and once in the afternoon.

(8 x 7): $75/day
Additional Pet: $55/day

Human aggression: Bark Avenue Pet Resort does not accept pets that show any sign of human aggression for any services. The boarding environment can be stressful for pets that aren’t used to it, and this may exacerbate human aggression to a dangerous level. Decisions regarding human aggression are at the discretion of our staff.

Dog aggression: Bark Avenue Pet Resort can provide services to dogs that show signs of dog aggression as long as it is determined by our staff to be manageable with the resources we have, and at a level that is safe to all pets in our facility. Decisions regarding dog aggression are at the discretion of our staff.

Muzzles: If your pet enters the facility with a muzzle, our staff must be able to safely remove the muzzle in the lobby before they are accepted for services. Pets may not be boarded in a muzzle for their safety and comfort.

Pets with Medical Concerns: Bark Avenue Pet Resort is able to provide boarding, daycare and grooming to pets with specific medical needs on a case-by-case basis. Please discuss your pet’s specific needs and/or conditions with our staff at the time of scheduling your reservation, as we may not be equipped to provide care for all medical conditions. Our priority is the comfort and health of your pet. If our staff determines your pet is suffering a medical emergency during their stay, we will do everything in our power to contact you before we take them off premises for emergency treatment. Decisions regarding medical issues are at the discretion of our staff.  

What to bring for your pet’s stay

Your pet’s comfort is our top priority – so let’s review what to bring (and what not to bring!) for their boarding stay:

Food: Boarding can be stressful for some pets, so keeping your pet on the same food they’re used to at home can help prevent stomach upset. Should your pet run out of food while they’re with us, we can provide meals with our house food – Nutrisource Chicken & Rice dry or canned, or Fromm by request. Bowls for food and water are provided – you do not need to bring in a bowl from home.

During their stay, breakfast is served between 5AM – 6AM, lunch between noon – 1PM and dinner between 6PM – 7PM. Meals can be fed at a specific time at your request to keep up with your pet’s routine. Because pets may become overly excited or nervous in a boarding environment, all pets rest for 45 minutes after meals to prevent illness.

Many pets may not have much of an appetite at first – our staff will notify you if we see this with your pet, and with your permission may add some tempting, tasty food to entice them.

We do not allow rawhide chews, bully sticks or any other similar type chews to be fed to your pet in their lodging, as these present a choking hazard.

Toys: For your pet’s safety, we do not allow toys unsupervised while in their lodgings, as they could be a choking hazard. If you would like your pet to have a specific toy from home during their playtime, just let the front desk know! We typically do not allow toys in group play as pets may become possessive over their belongings.

Bedding: Bring any bedding or blankets that will make your pet feel at home! Remember that some pets can become stressed during boarding, and if our staff notice a pet is chewing/destroying their bedding we will remove it for their safety and replace it with our own pet-safe bedding. Oversized bedding is not recommended to allow plenty of room for your pet to stretch their legs and to store food/water bowls.

If you have any questions in regards to what to bring for your pet’s stay – give us a call at (480) 210-5610 or email


We believe it’s important to give your pet the enrichment they need regardless if you choose the standard or luxury boarding option. We also understand that every pet is different, whether they are social or independent, big or small, so we came up with two additional play options to add to your pet’s boarding needs:

Option 1: Join Day Care - $20/night

If your pet loves nothing more than playing with other dogs – this is the option for them! Two daycare sessions a day with a lunchtime nap for canine guests who love to romp and run with others.

Daycare Schedule:

Morning Session
Afternoon Session

Each dog is given a temperament test upon the first visit, then is assigned a group according to size and weight for safety. Your dog will enjoy time indoors and outdoors throughout their day, all while under the direct supervision of an Pet Care Specialist.

Option 2: One-on-one Play Times - $20 Per Pet per session

This option is for canine guests who prefer to enjoy our individual one-on-one play with our Pet Care Specialists while they stay with us. These are $20 per pet per session and are 10-minute one-on-one individual play sessions.

Additional Services & Activities
  • Medication Administration: $6/day
  • Flea & Tick Preventative (Vectra): $25
  • Insulin Administration: $40
  • Special treats (peanut butter Kong, pupcicle, frozen bone broth): $6
  • Late-night potty break: $10
  • Pool time (20 minutes of supervised swimming): $18
  • Group Daycare Play: $20
  • 1-on-1 Play Time (with humans, no dogs): $20


All pets boarding with us that are signed up for playtimes will receive a daily report card emailed to their pet parent to tell them all about their day!

Cat Boarding

Your cat will feel right at home while staying at Bark Avenue Pet Resort. Featuring comfortable, climate-controlledspacious rooms and a caring staff that loves your pet like family. All of our cat boarding guests are in a dog-free section of our pet boarding facility, for a safe and truly relaxing personal environment.
Cat Suite (4 x 4 x 8): $36/day
Additional Pet: $30/day

Catego Flea & Tick Treatment: $25

Cat Tuna Treat: $4

Cat Salmon Treat: $4

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