Fungus and Your Pets

By Caroline O’Sullivan DVM, MS Histoplasmosis (Histoplasma capsulatum) is a fungus. This fungus is found worldwide and is called the “OHIO River Valley fever” because it is endemic in the Ohio and Mississippi River Valley and Appalachian Mountains. Don’t let me name fool you or your veterinarian. Living far away from the Ohio River Valley […]

Can you be with your dog without talking?

By Caroline O’Sullivan DVM, MS In my practice, I find that even after being told the room is dog safe, people are so distracted by what their dogs are doing, smelling, and watching that they cannot keep attention focused on the topic at hand or answer a question. Many people continuously are correcting, calling, or […]


By Caroline O’Sullivan DVM, MS Steps to take to help our pets with Anxiety based reactivity Recognize frustrations, boredom and depression as major factors in anxiety. Increase periods to fresh air and exercise. Foster the dog’s natural drives and allow the dog to succeed in these tasks. (Examples may be herding, long lining, water work, […]