5 Myths, 5 Truths: Heartworm Disease in Pets

April is National Heartworm Awareness Month, and our teams at Bark Avenue Enterprise are debunking common heartworm myths to help pet owners understand the importance of year-round prevention. We realize that heartworm disease can be a confusing topic for all pet owners, so let’s get to the truth. Myth: Indoor pets don’t need heartworm prevention […]

3 Reasons Why Your Pet Needs Pet Health Insurance

As pet owners, we know how scary it can be when our pet encounters an emergency vet visit. Unfortunately, if your pet requires emergency surgery or develops a life-threatening illness, treatment can come with a hefty price tag. Being forced to choose between your pet’s necessary care and putting food on your table is an […]

Follow This Step-by-Step Guide on How to Clean Your Pet’s Ears

When was the last time you cleaned your pet’s ears? If you can’t remember, here’s a sign for you to whip out your pet’s ear cleaning equipment. It’s important to clean your pet’s ears every once in a while, and if your pet is an allergy sufferer, they may even need their ears cleaned at […]

Common Eye Problems in Pets

Just like how humans can develop eye disease, your pet’s eyes are sensitive and can also easily succumb to injury or disease. However, with proper care, hygiene, and close monitoring, you can help your furry pal keep their 20/20 vision well into their golden years. What are common eye problems in pets? Pets can suffer […]

Should I Avoid Dog Parks?

There’s no better heaven on earth than dog parks for your furry canine friends. There’s plenty of balls to chase, other pooches to play with, and lots of off-leash running. But, although dog parks may seem like wonderful places for your pup, they also hold a host of hidden dangers that pet owners may not […]

Pet Poison Prevention Month: What Should I Do If My Pet Ate Poison?

Unfortunately, each year thousands of dogs and cats suffer from accidental ingestion of household poisons. March is National Pet Poison Prevention Month, so the team at Bark Avenue Animal Enterprises would like you to keep in mind what to do if your furry pal has been in contact with a potentially toxic substance. First, try […]

Try These At-Home Dental Care Options for Your Pet

If your pet hides at the mere sight of you taking out its designated toothbrush, it can be a discouraging sight to see. You’ve already tried slowly introducing flavored toothpaste and a variety of brushes, but your furry pal still scampered away. Brushing your pet’s teeth might seem like a lost cause at this point, […]

Is It Normal for My Cat to Spit up Hairballs?

Do you often find furry, slimy tubes littering your house? As a cat owner, you may encounter these hairballs regularly, but should you be worried about how often your cat spits them up? Let’s take a closer look at how hairballs are formed, how they’re eliminated, and how many are considered normal for your cat. […]

Why Is My Dog Licking Its Paw?

Has your dog been licking its paw constantly lately? Many pet owners sometimes become frustrated by the non-stop paw-licking and want to help their dogs overcome this condition. Although sometimes it can be hard to pinpoint why your pup is licking its paws so often, here are three of the most common reasons why. #1: […]

Your Pet’s Neuter Surgery in 5 Steps

Do you have a male pet that is undergoing neuter surgery? Our teams here to break down 5 simple steps about your pet’s procedure.    Step 1: Your pet is placed under anesthesia Neuter surgeries are extremely fast in cats, as long as both testicles have descended into the scrotum, but canine neuters take longer. […]