By Caroline O’Sullivan DVM, MS

In my practice, I find that even after being told the room is dog safe, people are so distracted by what their dogs are doing, smelling, and watching that they cannot keep attention focused on the topic at hand or answer a question. Many people continuously are correcting, calling, or making demands of their dogs. I have to repeatedly tell people that the environment is safe and “Your dog is not listening to you anyway” and “please let them just be a dog so that I can make my observations”

Why can’t we just let dogs act like dogs? Why do we feel as though we have to be correcting them?

Why are we unable to stop talking to them?

How much of communication is verbal? Maybe 7-10%

How much is non-verbal? Up to 93% (Speaking without Word, Fields, 2015)

Please keep them safe, try to be quiet and watch what they are trying to tell you.

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