Trawling through the Amazon pet section is one of our favourite things to do. We like to assess the health supplies, and examine the safety equipment like lifejackets, harnesses and seat belts. Knowing what’s out there helps us answer your questions and make recommendations when you come to us for advice. Every now and again, however, we see things that are just too wonderful to ignore. Things your dog probably doesn’t need, but are incredibly cute, imaginative or useful. For your amusement, here are our current favourites:

#1 Zoo Snoods
A snood is basically a knitted scarf that doubles as headgear, and these are made especially for dogs. Aside from being adorable, they protect sensitive ears from cold, dirt and moisture. Your dog can go to the park disguised as a cow, bear, fox, panda or one of several other critters. A portion of all proceeds is donated to animal welfare organizations, so you can feel virtuous about getting your pet a snood.

#2 Wood Pet Home
Designed for smaller pets, this little house is perfect for your patio or backyard. Your dog can lounge on the sun deck, or grab some shade inside. It’s very important for dogs to have their own space, and this really is one that they can call home. The roof top and bottom panel come off for cleaning, so you don’t have to worry about accidents with a puppy.

#3 Dog Bike Trailer
Yes, they make them for dogs. If you’re serious about biking and want to take your dog along for the ride, this trailer makes it easy. Take the wheels off, and it becomes a mobile home. Your dog’s universe suddenly got a whole lot bigger!

#4 Neoprene Paw Protectors
These aren’t just stylish, they’re extremely functional. If your dog has ever had a cut paw, you know how irritating it can be for your pet – and their constant licking isn’t so soothing for you either. There’s always a worry of infection, and the soft pad can take forever to heal. These booties will protect paws from ice, salt, hot pavement, and just about everything else your dog is likely to step on. They’re made to measure, and if you make sure to get the right size, they’ll stay on, remain comfortable, and your dog will thank you for them.

#5 Humunga Lips
Okay, we just had to throw this one in. The dog toy is a ball with a base shaped like a huge pair of cartoon lips. When your dog plays fetch, he’ll grab the ball in his mouth and the result is pretty hysterical. Anything that gives your dog daily exercise is a good thing, so if this is what it takes to get you out of the house, go for it!

Summer’s finally here, so we hope you and your four-footed companion are in for some great adventures together – with or without accoutrements. Remember to bring plenty of water wherever you may wander, and head for the shade to give your furry guy a break from the heat.


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