Bark Avenue Activity Based Lodging
Most dogs want to be active throughout the day to expend some energy and get some exercise. We allow your dog to do that with a variety of activities to choose from at Bark Avenue Pet Resort.
Just as you would drop your child off at daycare, now you can drop your four-legged child off at Bark Avenue’s Dog Daycare Center!
Does your dog do well in a group of other dogs, or in social environments? If so, s/he will love group daycare at Bark Avenue! Each dog is given a temperament test upon first visit, then is assigned a group according to size and weight for safety. Your dog will enjoy time indoors and outdoors throughout their day at the Dog Daycare Center, all while under direct supervision of a dedicated staff member!

Drop off/Pick up: 7am-6pm.

If your dog would rather be with humans than other dogs, this option for daycare is perfect. It features one-on-one time with staff members throughout the day. It is a relaxing way for your dog to be watched, cared for, and socialized with instead of sitting home. Rather than calling the pet sitter, consider checking your pooch in for individual daycare.
Individual Playcare
This option for daycare is suitable for the dog who has some energy to burn, but would rather do that playing one-on-one with a staff member over playing in a group of other dogs. The playcare gives your dog two (2) outdoor pet & plays throughout the day, along with all of the attention, care, and love of the individual daycare.
Most dogs want to be active throughout the day to expend some energy and get some exercise. We allow your dog to do that with a variety of activities to choose from at Bark Avenue Pet Resort.
Pet & Play
Get your dog outside for a Pet & Play in one of our large park-like yards at the Resort. Our fun-loving staff will have your dog running, chasing, tugging, jumping, and sniffing for toys as they run and play outside. It can also be as relaxed and easy-going as your dog wants it to be. It is a one-on-one occasion that lasts for 20 minutes and will leave your pooch smiling.
Pool Time
Have you seen our pool? We have a custom dog pool to splish and splash in! The pool is complete with spraying jets that will keep your dog entertained and active. The cool deck material surrounding the pool creates a safe environment for your dog, and the trees surrounding provide some shade relief in the summer. It is a graded depth from 10″ to just over three feet deep.
Late Night Potty Break
If your dog is used to going out before bedtime, we are happy to accommodate and give your dog the relief s/he is looking for late at night. Our staff will take your dog out for 10 minutes before bed time for exercise and to go potty.
Leash Walk
We recommend leash walks for our timid and elderly guests who need to stretch their legs, but are more comfortable walking with a person. They’ll be exercised outside for 10 minutes and have the opportunity to go potty and move around.
Professional Grooming
Grooming is an art and Bark Avenue Pet Resort has proven results to show it is a top-notch grooming salon. Bark Avenue Pet Resort provides premier grooming services for clients living in Mesa, Gilbert, Chandler, Tempe, Queen Creek, and many other regions of East Valley Phoenix.
Grooming can provide your pet with a significantly healthier and more comfortable way of life. In some cases, certain breeds can run into severe medical conditions without consistent, proper grooming services. We encourage every guest to look into grooming because it is more than just looking good; it’s living great!

We offer simple services like nail trimming, bathing and brushing, to trims, full grooms, and even detailed, show-worthy hand stripping. We also offer full grooming services for cats.

Reasons to Groom

Arguably, grooming is more about the health and well-being of your dog or cat than it is about looking good. Proper grooming practice decreases the chance of several health problems, such as thrush, scratches, matted coat, and various skin problems. It is a good hygiene routine to groom regularly, as it allows a physical check for cuts, heat, swelling, lameness, changes in temperament, hot spots, sores, and other signs of illness. Grooming also helps detect and rid external parasites like fleas and ticks.

Our specialized, seasoned stylists are the best in the industry and are known for taking extra time with your pet. We feature a full-service grooming salon on the premises, so our guests can always go home fresh and clean. Specializing in cat grooming, all breed dog grooming, all breed bathing and brushing, even hand stripping, our stylists have the knowledge and expertise to give your pet a perfect groom!